Committee Groups

Case Statement Committee

Help us make the case for a new library! As a member of the Case Statement Committee you will:

  • Create a formal Case Statement to be presented to the City Council 
  • Create marketing materials for a New Oakley Library
  • Research and create presentations for the New Oakley Library

Help us to create a case today!

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Community Outreach Committee

Help us spread the message and get the community behind a new library. As a member of our community team you will:

  • Engage with the Oakley Community at various community events
  • Attend Oakley City Council meetings to ensure that the library remains an important community issue
  • Speak at various Oakley community organizations to foster community connections for a new library

Join today and give the New Oakley Library a voice in the community 

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Fundraising Committee

We are looking for enthusiastic and creative persons to help us raise funds for a new library! As a member of the fundraising team you will:

  • Create a fundraising strategy 
  • Hold fun and exciting fundraising events to raise funds for a new library in Oakley
  • Solicit grant funds by writing grant proposals

Please join today and help us fund a stand alone library for Oakley! 

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