Oakley Library FAQ's

But we already have a library...


No we do not. The space that the library resides in belongs to Freedom High School. In 1999 Freedom High School let the library lease the space for a period of five years so the city could get another space built. Unfortunately the lease has expired and there is still no permanent library structure. Freedom High School lets the library stay there, because there is no place for the library to go. As the lease has expired, Freedom High School can ask the Oakley Library to leave at any time and the library will have to. 

Why do we need a new library for Oakley?


The lease on the space that the Oakley Library resides, expired in 2004. The Library is in a precarious position where the lease holder, Freedom High School, can ask the Oakley Library to leave at any time and the Oakley Library will have no where to go. 

How big is the library?


The current library resides in 3,000 sq ft of the Freedom High School Library. 

Are libraries even relevant in today's world?


Even though technology has evolved, libraries are still widely used within a community. At an early age, children develop an interest in learning and reading by attending library programs and checking out books. This love of learning continues through the teenage years, where teens use libraries to meet for group projects and use tutoring spaces where they can get help with homework. Adults and families use all of the amenities offered by the library including, but not limited to: computers, print services, WiFi, books, DVD's, Cd's, and meeting spaces. 


Is the Oakley Library even used?


In 2019, an average of 500 people used the library each day it was opened. This number does not include the high school students who visit the library during school hours. 

During large events at the library(i.e. Summer Reading), the library receives over 1,000 visitors a day. This number is significant as the library can only accommodate 230 people per the fire code. When school is in session we have had to ask patrons to wait outside as we could not accommodate them due to the number of people already within the building.