Howl La La Boo 2019

For the past 17 years, Howl La La Boo has been a mainstay program of the Oakley Library that has been solely funded by the Friends of the Oakley Library.

This year, we were able to provide three craft stations, and four activity stations. We were especially fortune to have a great group of volunteers who were able to assist in the lengthy prep for Howl La La Boo and who volunteered their time for the event. 

Our hard work has paid off and thanks to the financial support of the friends, in conjunction with the group of volunteers we were able to pull off one of our most successful Howl La La Boo's for the Oakley Library! We were fortunate to have over 117 people attend, which was double our number of our attendees last year! All in all, a resounding success for the Library and the Friends of the Oakley Library.

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